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Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Taxis are cheap, don't take trains or buses. There is a widely used Metro that's slowly expanding (if you live close to it). - May 17, 2016
Taxis are cheap and safe. They have small metro which is nice, clean, cheap but very limited. - Dec 18, 2014
Taxis, less than DC. - Nov 23, 2014
No. Cab drivers rip you off. No set taxi rules in Sofia. - Aug 16, 2014
Local transport is cheap, but generally in awful shape. They have recently bought newer buses and trolleys, so it has improved somewhat. Be careful with taxis, as a lot of them rip-off their customers, and they are allowed to do so since Sofia doesn't have a city-set taxi fare. - Jun 3, 2011
Yes, they are great and very cheap. - Oct 30, 2009
Very affordable and improving. The Sofia mayor is intent on modernizing public transport. Trams are being modernized and the subway (underground) system is being expanded at the moment to cope with the enormous growth of the city. - Feb 9, 2008