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Bandar Seri Begawan

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The Sultan and Royal Family are very well-respected by the whole population. If you do not show respect for them, you will not be welcomed. - Aug 7, 2014
It's a great post for career opportunities but you'll burn out pretty fast from the workload (it's surprisingly busy at work), and life can get really hard because it's truthfully rather boring. If you have small children, it's likely ideal. It's safe, quiet, and very young family friendly. Your teenager, however, will likely be pleading to leave asap. - Nov 6, 2013
I take exception to the perception that Brunei is boring... Certainly not my experience - there is loads to do (unless you want nightclubs and pubs)! A great country offering a unique lifestyle! - Dec 29, 2008
It's very isolated here. Not like Iraq or Afghanistan isolated, but it's lonely here unless you have a family. But then your family will be so bored that they will drive you nuts when you come home from work. It's mind-numbingly boring here. But hey it's safe! - Jan 2, 2008