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Sao Paulo

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

It's the major travel hub for Brazil, so inter-country travel is very easy and affordable if you live in Sao Paulo. And again, the restaurants. - Nov 1, 2017
Great dining. Lots of cheap Michelin restaurants. Also, Brazilians. - Apr 17, 2017
There is always something to do. The weather is pretty good and there are lots of great food / restaurants. - Jan 15, 2017
The ease of travel (city, country, South America). - Jan 6, 2017
Sao Paulo is a great post, especially if you like big cities. It's a sprawling cosmopolitan city with art, culture, museums, city parks and good restaurants. Maybe it's not the most lovely city in the world, and the traffic can be rough, but my family is comfortable here. Nice government housing, excellent schools for the kids, large American community. You can also get nearly everything you need here; no need to import everything. It used to be thought of as an expensive post, but the dollar is very strong in 2015, making Sao Paulo a bargain for Americans. - Aug 5, 2015
The people are great, the food is good. Cost of living is affordable and you can make this city what you want it to be. The weather is pretty consistent, warm, tropical. During rainy season you can set your clock by the rainfall. Lots of interesting things to see and do outside the city. - Aug 2, 2013
Living in a major city like Sao Paulo, you have only yourself to blame if you are bored! There are so many restaurants to choose from, cultural events to attend, museums, parks, etc. There are also many sites to enjoy immediately outside the city. And you are also at a major flight hub, which makes it easy to get to other locations throughout Brazil and South America. - Dec 13, 2012
Taking in Brazilian life, food, and culture (futebol!). It is certainly not the place to go to save money as cost of living expenses are high, partly due to incredibly high import taxes (expect to pay 3-5 times more for imported goods like toys, wines/alcohol, clothes than you would in the US). - Jan 25, 2012
friendly people - Jan 17, 2012
Weather is generally nice; no winter, but a rainy period. It is VERY expensive here, due to high import taxes, including food. - Jan 3, 2012