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Sao Paulo

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

We used the pouch at the U.S. consulate. The one time I had to look for a post office for inter-country mail I was unsuccessful. - Nov 1, 2017
Pouch. It's pretty good. I have gotten flat mail delivered straight to my apartment and it's faster than pouch. - Apr 17, 2017
Everything comes via pouch, so expect delays of a couple of weeks. - Apr 11, 2017
We have 'pony express' at the Consulate but you could use the local Correios mail too -- I've never tried. - Jan 15, 2017
I receive/ship letters to the US through the consulate. However the Brazilian postal service is adequate for in-country mail. - Jan 6, 2017
Diplomatic pouch. Which is dreadfully slow here. - Aug 5, 2015
Pony express for letters. I don't send packages - too much hassle. - Aug 2, 2013
I used the DPO and Diplomatic Pouch addresses. It was taking 2-6 weeks for things to get from the US to post. - Dec 13, 2012
DPO and pouch – mail takes a very loooong time….about 4-6 weeks. - Jan 25, 2012
DPO - Jan 17, 2012
APO and Unclas Pouch. - Jan 3, 2012
I use APO and/or pouch. - Oct 26, 2008
Pouch takes 2.5 weeks or so. Don't send anything you care about through the APO. - Aug 14, 2008