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Sao Paulo

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

Yes, but mostly outside of Sao Paulo. Embu is a fun day trip for all your art and cultural handicraft wants. - Nov 1, 2017
No. There are some handicrafts and knick-knacks, but you gotta make sure it's not just Chinese, which it probably is. Clothes are expensive. - Apr 17, 2017
Fruits and veggies at the street fairs are amazing! - Jan 15, 2017
Yes. for paintings, artifacts, and antiques. Regarding electronics, I recommend that you order what ever you need from the US. - Jan 6, 2017
Learn to find your local feira, a weekend market where they sell fresh produce. The price is good, and the fruit is spectacular. - Aug 5, 2015
Handmade wood furniture and handmade baskets - very cool. - Aug 2, 2013
Travels around Brazil, local handicrafts - Jan 25, 2012
Artwork. - Jan 3, 2012
Wines, food, clothes, precious stones (lots of gemstone mining here), surfing or samba classes, and travel travel travel. See the rainforest, beaches, dunes, farmland. Get up to Bahia and Ceara, go down to Santa Catarina and Rio Grande, and don't forget there are some neighbouring countries with a lot to offer. Don"t miss the rest of the continent if you have time. - Oct 26, 2008
Club admissions. - Aug 14, 2008