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Sao Paulo

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

I would absolutely recommend Sao Paulo to singles and young couples. It is an "OK" post for families. Most of the events happen late at night or consist of partying, which singles and young couples are more likely to enjoy. (Don't get me wrong - we enjoyed them too, when we were able to find a babysitter and didn't feel guilty for constantly leaving our child at home). Dining out can be more upscale and caters to a bigger wallet.

Also, we felt that Sao Paulo didn't have a lot for families to do in general - one major park was over-visited by us, as well as several museums focusing on limited history. Sao Paulo also has a small unkept zoo and a small aquarium. Sadly, kids in Sao Paulo spend most of their time indoors. We spent most of our time traveling outside of Sao Paulo in search of fun family-friendly activities. - Nov 1, 2017

All of the above. - Apr 17, 2017
I would imagine best for singles and couples. The best part of Sao Paulo is taking advantage of the culture, restaurants and nightlife. - Apr 11, 2017
YES! There are great social opportunities for all types of people. - Jan 6, 2017
It's a huge city, and a big expat community, so there's probably a niche for everyone. Plenty of nightlife for singles, plenty of activity surrounding the schools for families with children. - Aug 5, 2015
This is a great city. Period. It will be what you make of it. For families - there are plenty of places to take the kids, an amazing zoo and zoo safari, awesome botanical garden, arboretum and museums. The singles here love it because of the awesome nightlife. There is always something to do and someone to do it with. - Aug 2, 2013
Sao Paulo is a great places for singles, couples, and those who are looking to start or expand their family. - Dec 13, 2012
Sao Paulo is a great city for singles and couples as there are tons of nightlife options. Itís not an easy city for families as there are limited options for reasonably priced entertainment and traffic and weather often make going to the park and other outdoor options difficult. Many parents feel they have very limited options of things to do with their kids. - Jan 25, 2012
Yes, all. We love it here--not all do, but you have to dive in and make a Brazilian friend. Once you find a way to link with Brazilians, you will love their culture and warmth. - Jan 17, 2012
Not for families, but for couples or singles it can be o.k. Knowing Portuguese is a must. - Jan 3, 2012
Sao Paulo is great for everyone. It's like Manhattan, only bigger. You can find plenty to do with cultural and entertainment options that are basically limitless. Dating scene is excellent if you put yourself out there. Clubs are fine for "hookups" like in any big city. There is fine dining, excellent concerts, many big name acts come through here from Europe and the USA, and tons of places just a day trip away when you get the itch to leave. - Oct 26, 2008
Like most places overseas, single men tend to do better than single women. But it's still pretty good all around. - Aug 14, 2008