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What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

There is a lot to see in country and in surrounding countries. The Okavango Delta, Chobe Park, the salt pans, and many other incredible places to see wildlife are all must-see. Victoria Falls is just 50 KM from the Botswana border in Zimbabwe. In South Africa, Cape Town and the Western Cape are very beautiful. - Apr 30, 2017
Clearly the wildlife. There is truly nothing like the extraordinary experiences you can have on safari here. This is a once in a lifetime experience. - Jul 8, 2016
After several months of adjusting to how little there is to do here (it's a "make your own fun" kind of post), we have come to embrace the slower pace and quiet life. It's a nice break from the DC rat-race. No commute, very little traffic, no malaria, no pollution like many other posts. Minimal food poisoning. You can get what you need, food-wise, as long as you're willing to shop at 3-4 different stores. I suppose those are the 'highlights.' We have gone on a few GREAT safaris in nearby Madikwe Game Reserve, and traveled to SA a bit, which were all memorable. - Mar 2, 2015
None. - Oct 12, 2014
The weather is beautiful, the people are friendly and the proximity to so much were my highlights. The ability to go camping on the salt plans, to drive to Kasane and take a river safari, drive over to Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe). Johannesburg is only a 4 hour drive and there are tons of recreational activities there. The other highlights have been just hanging out with coworkers and friends, having braais (grilling). - Nov 24, 2013
The weather. - Jul 27, 2013
Day-to-day living, safari trips, and some regional travel. - Apr 22, 2013
Visitors to Botswana should not miss the country's world-renowned tourist destinations, including the Chobe National Park (in the far northeast, near Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe) and the Okavango Delta. Botswana has one of the world's largest populations of elephants, and also has abundant antelope species, amazing birdlife, rhinos, buffalos, giraffes, lions, leaopards, cheetahs-- all the wildlife you could ever hope to see on safari are here. There are camping opportunities at amazing parks and nature reserves throughout the country. One drawback for non-campers is that the lodges in Botswana (especially in the Okavango Delta) are VERY expensive and cater to wealthy Americans and Europeans. There are few discounts or incentives for local residents at the high-end lodges. - Jun 6, 2010