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What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

Fortunately, when I lived in Gaborone, there were several families that I was friends with who like to entertain at home. Most things revolved around drinking alcohol. Around town, there wasn't a whole lot to do. There weren't many clubs or bars to hang out at or events going on around town, so entertaining at home was the main activity. - Apr 30, 2017
In Gabs you have to "make your own fun." Dinners and parties at people's homes seem to be a large part of socializing. There are some lounges at night - they get a bit skanky after dark. - Jul 8, 2016
Dinner with friends, movies at the theater, occasional wine and food festivals, running races. - Mar 2, 2015
Invite people over for dinner. Small gatherings. There is really nothing else to do here. - Oct 12, 2014
Get-togethers are common. Braais are common. There are also a number of bar/clubs and resturants. You need not be there long before you meet people who will invite you to tons of events. - Nov 24, 2013
Most social activities center around entertaining at home with brunches, braais (bbq), dinners, etc. A new 3-D movie theater recently opened that is very nice. There are farmers markets, small musical performances, and the like now and then. It is a pretty limited town as far as the availability and frequency of entertainment events. - Jul 27, 2013
Dinner parties, long lunches, eating out. LOTS of birthday parties for kids in school. - Apr 22, 2013
Gaborone is a small town (about 200K people) and is relatively quiet. Most entertaining happens in the home-- pool parties, barbecues, dinners. There are at least a dozen restaurants and a few bars to visit. There are two western-style malls to shop at on the weekends (both fairly small).If you crave big-city excitement, Johannesburg is only about 4 hours away by car. - Jun 6, 2010