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Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

In a heartbeat. - Dec 25, 2017
Not with children. - Sep 26, 2017
Absolutely. - Feb 6, 2017
Yes. - May 26, 2016
Absolutely. - Aug 19, 2014
In a heartbeat. Sarajevo is a wonderful city with a ton of character. It has its stresses, but in the end, you'll miss it as soon as you leave. - Nov 26, 2012
Yes. While we were ready to go, we often miss it sometimes. - Aug 17, 2011
yes! - May 31, 2011
Definitely. What an amazing place. - May 18, 2010
Yes. We came for two years and extended for a third. - Jun 19, 2009
Yes, for a short time. - Mar 18, 2009
No. The pollution in combination with communistic architecture and the war that is still visible everywhere make it a depressing place, especially in winter when a blanket of smog covers the shelled appartmentbuildings. This makeseverything grey and brown. Unhealthy (especially for small children). - Dec 17, 2008