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What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

I think there's a gym in the embassy but I've never used it. - Dec 25, 2017
The embassy has a gym and CrossFit. There are CrossFit classes in the city too, along with an olympic pool, rock climbing, horseback riding, skiing, etc. In general they are not particularly expensive. You can pretty much find the facilities you are looking for. - Sep 26, 2017
Limited availability. The Embassy has a small gym. There are couple fitness centers, yoga studio, crossfit for adults. Some opportunities for children to join local sport teams - soccer and basketball are especially popular. - Feb 6, 2017
They US embassy has a very small gym. There is a great CrossFit gym (CrossFit Sarajevo) that has all classes in English. There are also a few other gyms located in the shopping centers. - May 26, 2016
Yes. The Embassy gym is not bad, and a few folks have various kinds of classes there. There's a regular gym in Importanne, right across from the Embassy, and there is a new Cross Fit gym in town as well. Not sure of costs. - Aug 19, 2014
Yes, at the Embassy. There are a handful of other places in town with decent gyms, mainly at the malls. - Nov 26, 2012
There are a couple around town that offer memberships, including a very nice one downtown. The new U.S. Embassy has a nice gym. - Aug 17, 2011
yes. - May 31, 2011
Yes, though some can be expensive. - May 18, 2010
There are a few gyms in town that offer memberships, including a brand new one in the Old Town area. The embassy has a gym as well with workout equipment. - Jun 19, 2009