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Quality pet care available (vets & kennels)?

There are some decent vets. For those at the Embassy, CLO can recommend a couple of good kennels. There are lots of stray dogs roaming around the city. Locals acknowledge that this is a growing problem. I see it getting worse unless an NGO steps in to do humane euthanizations. - Nov 26, 2012
Local vets and kennels are available. - Aug 17, 2011
The embassy has contacts for kennels, but otherwise none that I am aware of. Pet care is usually in your own home. - May 31, 2011
A few good vets available and limited kennel facilities. - May 18, 2010
There is one vet in town. He is great at some things, not so great at others. Surgery is his specialty. There are a few different options for boarding dogs. - Jun 19, 2009
A few English speaking vets are available and they are good. There is one well known kennel own by an FSN spouse. - Mar 18, 2009