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Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Air quality is pretty bad with all of the burning in winter. Medical care is pretty rudimentary and most serious conditions are medically evacuated. Hate to say it, but I wouldn't even have a root canal here. - Dec 25, 2017
Air pollution. Medical care is poor here. You will need to be medically evacuated if something happens. Dental care is terrible. - Sep 26, 2017
Medical facilities are not great, I wouldn't have any major treatment done here. - Feb 6, 2017
The air quality. Local healthcare is a joke. You need to pay some bribes and you can get a good doctor. There are some good private clinics. I have an excellent OB/GYN here, she's in private practice. The U.S. Embassy has a medical unit with a resident Regional Medical Officer and pediatrician. - May 26, 2016
Smog is a problem in winter months. Serious asthma sufferers should not consider it. There is an RMO and a part-time pediatrician at post, and some English speaking specialists in town. Still not ideal for major issues. Smoking is allowed in the cafe in the hospital, for example. In fact, smoking indoors is allowed just about everywhere. - Aug 19, 2014
The quality of medical care is low. The hospital can basically handle trauma. The need to bribe your way into a job turns many qualified health care professionals away from the main hospitals. - Nov 26, 2012
The local standard of medical care is atrocious. Anything serious got medevac'd. The MED unit at the embassy is very good. Local dentists are good, and cheap by US standards. - Aug 17, 2011
Air quality is horrible in the winter. Health care is far beneath U.S. standards. - May 31, 2011
If you have respiratory issues, get all the facts before you come here. - May 18, 2010
Just the pollution for people with lung or breathing problems. The health office at the embassy is very good. The few local doctors we dealt with were good, including home visits. The hospitals are a nightmare, and people are medevac'd for anything serious to Vienna or elsewhere. - Jun 19, 2009
For minor injuries and not so serious conditions is OK. Otherwise, you should go to Austria or Germany. - Mar 18, 2009
Most go to Vienna or home for anything medical. Dentists are good. Giving birth is a drama, so is hospitalisation in general. Better not get ill. Smog/pollution can be a big issue. Smoking is a national hobby and allowed everywhere (even in the ER). If you have asthma you will have a hard time almost everywhere. - Dec 17, 2008