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La Paz

What is your housing like? What are typical housing sizes, locations, and commute times for expatriates?

Housing is superb. Big houses with 'quinchos' (outdoor barbeque), which is big for lazy family Sundays. Most all of embassy housing is in Calacoto (smaller houses, but near ACS Calvert American School), La Florida, Achumani (5-10 minutes farther away from school/embassy, but bigger housing, and close to fantastic market). Commutes from farthest reaches takes around 30 minutes to Sopocachi (where embassy is located). Calacoto take around 20 minutes. - Sep 2, 2016
Single family for us, it is quite large. About 25-minute drive from the Embassy during rush hour. - Jun 9, 2015
Most, if not all, embassy personnel live in the Zona Sur, which is about 20 minutes to the Embassy. Houses are spacious and normally about 3 floors. Apartments are an option too, but I haven't been to one to comment. - Apr 6, 2015
Housing is good -- mainly large detached homes with small gardens in quiet, safe, upscale neighborhoods lower in elevation (more air!). After reductions in local staff, facilities is a little slower to respond and less willing to help with anything but the most urgent requests; they say it's due to manning problems. Commute is 20-30 minutes. - Nov 8, 2014
Housing is primarily detached houses with yards; most are quite nice and perhaps architecturally unique. Houses can range from Alpine cottage type detail to concrete modern boxes. Most tend to have 3 or 4 floors with somewhat unusual layouts and sometimes trees and plants growing in indoor flowerbeds. There are a few apartments and townhouses which are also quite nice. Embassy personnel live in the Zona Sur, in the neighborhoods of San Miguel, Calacoto, Los Pinos, Aquisamana Bajo and Achumani. These neighborhoods also host many of the nicer restaurants and shopping options. Commutes to the Embassy are usually about 20-30 minutes at peak traffic hours. - Jan 1, 2014
Most live in nice, large houses with high walls. A lot of people live in Achumani. - Jul 22, 2013
Housing is amazing here. There are some apartments for singles and couples with no kids. Standalone housing is the norm, and all are walled and protected. Most have great BBQ areas, yards, and space. - Jun 22, 2013
Great and spacious, about 20-40 minutes commute. - Jul 20, 2012
Large houses, usually very nice. Commute about 20 minutes if you leave before 7:30 AM. - Feb 9, 2012
Mostly single family homes (multi-level) and apartments. Top floor is better for noise control because there is no sound insulation. - Aug 7, 2011
Housing consists of houses and apartments. Last report about some kind of unique feature with each place is spot on. I would add that there are positives and benefits for everyplace. You might be close to the 'action' but you put up with the noise. You might live in a big beautiful house but far away from everything and it sometimes hard to get a taxi. Most people love their housing here but there are a few people who can never seem to be satisfied. - May 27, 2011
Houses are big, spacious with big yards. People from the Embassy live in the same area called Zona Sur. The location is good, there is a new small mall andthree or four different grocery stores. Commute time to the Embassy 40 min. - May 26, 2011
Houses for the expat community are generally nice. Most have a small yard, and most of the houses are older but are very pretty. Commute time varies, from 15 to 45 minutes to work, depending on the traffic. - Mar 14, 2011
Nice homes about 15- to 20-minute commute time. - Aug 25, 2010
We had a house in the southern residential area. Houses are huge but have no heating (most of the time) so you are always freezing - Jan 7, 2010
Typically everyone gets a house. There are some apartments. Most have smallish yards. Houses are generally big and comfortable. - Aug 21, 2009