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La Paz

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Yes. Speed is getting much better, but still lags behind other neighboring countries. We can stream TV and Netflix with no problem. Getting set up is also much easier than when we arrived. - Sep 2, 2016
Yes. US$160 or so a month. We can use it to Skype, watch Amazon Prime etc on many devices at once. - Jun 9, 2015
Yes, but crazy expensive. We have a 4MB plan so that we can stream Netflix and Skype. We realistically only get about 3MB on a good day, and pay US$160 per month. - Apr 6, 2015
Yes, but very expensive and not very reliable. We paid well over US$100 monthly. - Nov 8, 2014
ADSL is available here but it is the slowest and most expensive in all of South America. Acceptable download speed for streaming vidoe is available for about US$100 per month but there are frequent slow downs and outages. 4G has just become available. - Jan 1, 2014
Very slow and expensive in comparison to everything else here. - Jul 22, 2013
Internet, yes....but not what we consider high speed. Not too expensive, but you will pay more for the faster speeds. - Jun 22, 2013
Yes, not too fast, but enough to stream. - Jul 20, 2012
Reliable and reasonable speed, nothing like the US or Europe. - Feb 9, 2012
Expensive but available, speeds not true. - Aug 7, 2011
750K connection is about 110 dollars a month. Cheaper if you prepay. Slow for the money you pay but you can get faster internet speeds if you want to trade your paycheck out. My 750k while slow - still meets are needs for a family of five. Wireless connection at no additional charge. - May 27, 2011
No high- speed Internet. The speed is low and it is probably the only service that is not cheap. 120 dollars per month and many times is down. - May 26, 2011
There is high-speed internet access here. It is not as fast as in the U.S. but is sufficient for us. Cost is the same as the U.S. or more if you request faster internet service. - Mar 14, 2011
Yes, but a bit slow. $40/ month. - Aug 25, 2010
Yes, it is not the greatest and I though a bit expensive for the type of service. - Jan 7, 2010
Yes, not too expensive. Quality of connection is spotty but improving. - Aug 21, 2009