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La Paz

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Insects don't like 12k feet.....well, except for an occasional flurry of ants. - Sep 2, 2016
ANTS - Jun 9, 2015
There are some ants in our home, but not too many. - Apr 6, 2015
Almost none. Occasional ants and houseflies. - Nov 8, 2014
A few ants and flies from time to time and the occasional mosquito. Nothing major. - Jan 1, 2014
Occasionally ants, but the lack of insects is pretty awesome! - Jul 22, 2013
Some people have problems with ants, but we have not seen one since we got here. No other insect problems. - Jun 22, 2013
Ants. - Jul 20, 2012
Ants. - Feb 9, 2012
Very few in La Paz. Any insect you could imagine in the Amazon. - Aug 7, 2011
Ants no others but lots of ants all over the place. - May 27, 2011
Aunts if you live in a house. This place is way too high for insects... - May 26, 2011
Not many. The biggest complaint is the ants!They are in many people's houses, and nothing seems to work keeping them out for very long. - Mar 14, 2011
None, at least in high altitude La Paz. - Aug 25, 2010
not many - Jan 7, 2010
None. - Aug 21, 2009