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La Paz

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Climate is absolutely lovely. Think San Francisco or San Diego weather. There is a wet season and a dry season. Otherwise, expect highs in the mid-70s F....every day! - Sep 2, 2016
It is like spring or fall all the time here. Rainy season is Dec-March or so. - Jun 9, 2015
The weather is pretty much fall-like all year round. There is a rainy season from around December to March. I normally wear a long sleeve shirt with a sweater and feel fine. In the middle of winter (July-August), I'll have a jacket as well. - Apr 6, 2015
Due to the altitude, the weather is more or less the same all year round -- between 50F and 70F. The "rainy" season goes from about December to March but it doesn't really snow where housing or the Embassy are, and the rain only lasts for an hour or two a day. The weather is pretty monotonous, but a 45-minute flight will take you to the hot lowlands. - Nov 8, 2014
It's usually quite temperate and very dry. Temperatures are usually no lower than 40s (F), no higher than 70s (F). The rainy season is the exception when it can get quite dreary and cold, usually between December and March. Otherwise clear blue skies are the norm. The sun can be intense but when you get into the shade or the sun goes down, the temperature drops 20 degrees. It snows occasionally in the winter but doesn't stay on the ground long. - Jan 1, 2014
The rainy season can get old, but the rest of the year is pretty nice. It is normal to experience all 4 seasons in one day. Layers are the key -- and don't expect summer weather. Fall and Spring are beautiful with cool nights and sunny, warm days. - Jul 22, 2013
Cold all the time. Winter (May-Sept) is VERY dry but very cold in the morning and evening. The sun shines brightly all day long during this time, which helps to warm it up a bit. Summer is very wet and cloudy. Mudslides are very common, as are washed-out roads, bridges, etc. - Jun 22, 2013
Usually on the colder side. No snow but always cold in the shade. - Jul 20, 2012
Usually low 70's in the summer, low 30's in the winter. - Feb 9, 2012
Very dry and moderate to cold temperature in La Paz. With a rainy season that results in flooding and mud slides. Winter days are sunny and almost cloudless. You can be burned very quickly in the sun and the temperature can vary 10 or more degrees between the sun and shade - Aug 7, 2011
Southern Hemisphere Winter Jun Aug; Summer Dec- Feb; Winter is cold but very dry. Summer can also be cool as it is the rainy season. - May 27, 2011
Weather is very nice. During summer is rainy season and the temperature is not hotter that 60 degrees F. Winter is very dry, very few showers never thunderstorms but it is colder, 25 to 30 degrees F. - May 26, 2011
The climate is almost perfect. Sunny days are wonderful, warm without being too uncomfortable. Rainy season can be bothersome, but still nice. The nights get cold, but normally around 50 F, sometimes in the 40's. The only complaint would be the dryness from living so high up! - Mar 14, 2011
It is reversed from the U.S.The weather here is dry and mild. - Aug 25, 2010
Cold because you are high up. Rainy season and a cold but beautiful blue sky season - Jan 7, 2010
Beautiful climate. Winters can be cold. When the sun is out (which is often) the temperatures are wonderful. - Aug 21, 2009