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La Paz

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

Relatively small. Morale varies, depending on who you talk to. We've enjoyed our time here. My kids are happy. - Sep 2, 2016
I feel that the morale is good here. There is a good mix of families, couples, and singles. Also right now, the management team is amazing. - Apr 6, 2015
Small and getting smaller. Morale is pretty bad. Lots of people talk about La Paz like it's a prison sentence. - Nov 8, 2014
The expat community is fairly small and shrinking. Many missions and international NGOs are closing or moving their operations to neighboring countries due to less than welcoming posture by the government of Bolivia and its tendency to expel or expropriate international aid and business concerns. Morale in the Embassy has suffered terribly in the wake of the expulsion of USAID and the closure of the remainder of our anti-narcotics operations in 2013. Literally hundreds of employees lost their jobs. With these recent blows and the continuing lack of an Ambassador since 2008, Embassy leadership has really struggled to set a new course. - Jan 1, 2014
Shrinking. - Jul 22, 2013
There are some miners here, but it is not really a large expat community. And it does not seem to be a close-knit community. - Jun 22, 2013
Medium. - Jul 20, 2012
Small to Mid size. - Feb 9, 2012
Getting smaller all the time. - Aug 7, 2011
Small but they are here. - May 27, 2011
Large - Mar 14, 2011
Big. - Aug 25, 2010
Medium sized but they blend a lot with the local community - Jan 7, 2010
Large. - Aug 21, 2009