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Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

No. I would move back to Cotonou, which I think is a nice little city, but only with a different organization, or if the USG management team completely changes. - Jan 28, 2017
no. - Oct 10, 2015
Absolutely. - Jun 29, 2015
Yes, but only for professional reasons. As someone who loves hockey, skiing, and the internet, Benin is quite a sad place. - Aug 23, 2014
YES. There's something oddly irresistible about this city once you make it your home. - Jul 26, 2013
I would not, mostly because of the medical situation, but also because of the isolation due to a lack of places to go around town and the difficulty/expense of travelling both locally or internationally. That being said, others I know would come back in a heartbeat. This could be a fine post, depending on your priorities. - May 21, 2013
Yes. My first contact with African culture has been interesting, and I've really enjoyed integrating into the European expat social scene here. - Mar 2, 2013
Yes. - Dec 29, 2011