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Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Medical care is very poor, and the US Embassy does not have a full medical unit. - Jan 28, 2017
Almost no medical care available in country. Plan for medical evacuation if necessary. Malaria, parasites, digestive issues, infections. - Oct 10, 2015
Malaria is the big one and due to poor available healthcare, avoid any sort of traumatic injury! - Jun 29, 2015
Malaria, yellow fever, and now apparently ebola. Medical care is laughable - anything even close to serious will require a medevac to receive proper treatment. - Aug 23, 2014
Lots of health concerns. My family had one major medical issue that was misdiagnosed locally, and that only turned out okay because we insisted on a second opinion by an American doctor. We were prepared to leave post at our own expense, but luckily were able (ultimately) to get a medevac. For other medical issues I've found myself relying on Dr. Google because I don't have faith in the care and advice I get locally. The way it's been explained to me is that, culturally, doctors are trained to manage patients by not giving them complete information, telling them everything is alright even when it isn't, and just going ahead and treating problems without discussing the reality of the situation with the patient. From my American perspective, this is a troublesome approach, although admittedly there are some expats who don't mind it. Personally, I was very uncomfortable having young children at this post due to both this approach and the lack of emergency medical options (no ambulances, no emergency rooms, etc.). - May 21, 2013
Medical care is available locally, but no where near Western quality. - Mar 2, 2013
Many. Medical care here is fair at best. The U.S. Embassy has a great doctor. - Dec 29, 2011