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How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

You need to speak French to live here. - Jan 28, 2017
You need French in order to function. Other local languages are not necessary. - Oct 10, 2015
French will make your life much easier, but people seem to manage all right without it. - Jun 29, 2015
You can probably make it through shopping at the grocery store without any French - god knows the Nigerians who've lived here for years without learning a word of French get by somehow. Restaurants will be a bit more difficult. It all depends on how much you'll need to do yourself. - Aug 23, 2014
Know as much French as you can before coming here. It will make your life much easier. Just being able to read billboards (95% of which are written in French) is one less headache. There are exceptions, though! Some people who have lived here didn't give a damn about learning French and got along with life just fine. - Jul 26, 2013
It would be very difficult to have an enjoyable time here with no (or limited) French, but some embassy spouses have managed. There are a few restaurants and stores where you can get by with English. However, even with decent language skills it's quite hard to integrate into local and expat circles made up of native French speakers. - May 21, 2013
This is a French-speaking country. You can "get around" without it, but you can't integrate. - Mar 2, 2013
You're going to need at least a little French. - Dec 29, 2011