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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Relatively inexpensive. Housekeepers, cooks, nannies, and drivers are all available. - Jan 28, 2017
Available and not expensive. - Oct 10, 2015
Depending on the job - roughly US$200-300/month for full time employmet, more for drivers, less for housekeepers/gardeners. - Jun 29, 2015
Available, cheap, and generally trustworthy. Competency can be an issue at times. I paid US$160/mo for someone to work for me 5 days a week, and he did everything (cook, clean, laundry, errands). - Aug 23, 2014
Readily available and cheap. Make sure you sit down with help before hiring them, however. Set down expectations from the get-go. Explain the way you like things cleaned (and the way you DON'T like things cleaned). Go through even the elementary expectations (e.g. "I would like you to clean the toilets", "I don't want the clean rags mixed with the dirty rags", "Don't mix bleach with these products", etc.). We didn't and our housekeeper, though trustworthy, has proven to be a surfacey cleaner. - Jul 26, 2013
Readily available and cheap; anywhere from about $120/month to $220/month for full-time work, depending on the service. Many expat families hire nannies, cooks, gardeners, housekeepers, drivers, etc. - May 21, 2013
Very cheap. $150-180 per month for full-time help. - Mar 2, 2013
Cheap and plentiful. I pay on the high end of the domestic help salary scale just so I can sleep at night, $180USD/month for four and a half days a week. Our housekeeper works from about 9:00 a.m. until about 6:00 p.m., and until about 3:30 on Friday. Most domestics are expected to work 12 hours M-F and a half day on Saturday, but I think thatís excessive by any measure. With the level of dust and pollution in Cotonou, a full-time housekeeper is an absolute necessity for keeping your house clean. Itís impossible to get a housekeeper to take a vacation (it would take me too long to go into all the whys, so just trust me on this), so it is customary to pay an extra monthís salary in December. Thereís also local social security tax that we pay. If you have kids and both work, youíre going to need a nanny and a housekeeper. Some people have tried to have one domestic do double duty, but it never works. Thereís just too much cleaning to be done. - Dec 29, 2011