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Are there problems with ethnic or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

The country is very strongly Catholic, and other religions (or atheism!) are not well tolerated. - Jan 28, 2017
Yes. Extreme discrimination against women. Common sexual abuse of school age girls. Domestic violence is extremely common. - Oct 10, 2015
West African culture remains patriarchal, so women are not always treated as equals - in both subtle and overt ways. This was mildly frustrating as a stay-at-home mom but could be much more so for working women. - Jun 29, 2015
Racial - generally, no. If you're Caucasian or are otherwise clearly a foreigner, you'll be given a fair amount of deference. Religious - no. Folks tend to be able to get along, whether they are Muslim, Christian, or animist. Gender - yup. If you're a woman, especially a Caucasian, be prepared to receive a lot of verbal sexual harassment. This is less of an issue if you're working for the U.S. Embassy, or are otherwise not having to deal extensively with the general populace. However, if you're going to be a Peace Corps volunteer, and you'll have to take mototaxis a lot, plan on getting a lot of unwanted marriage proposals. - Aug 23, 2014
Not that I've noticed. - May 21, 2013
Not as it affects expats. - Mar 2, 2013
Benin is about one third Catholic, one third Muslim, and one third Animist (native religion). There seems to be a very good level of religious tolerance. Gender-based violence is an issue in Benin but the government is taking serious steps to address this and to have law enforcement and the courts not brush this off as a “family matter. Women enjoy equal rights in Benin and I haven’t noticed any overt discrimination. - Dec 29, 2011