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What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

A lot of expats stick to the fancier restaurants, and the food can be good (and the view fantastic) but again, roadside stands are king here. The best fish sandwiches are at Auntie's near the cruising club, go over to Cutters for awesome sandwiches or find the elusive stand in front of the church in Payne's Bay on Friday nights for the freshest fish on island. - Jul 11, 2016
Fast food (KFC, Chefette, Burger King) costs $8-10 usd for a meal with drink. Restaurants are very pricey and not of amazing quality. A nice place will cost at least $50 (US) per person with one glass of wine. - Mar 3, 2013
none and i mean none!!!!!! KFC and it is 3 times then price from the USA. - Nov 22, 2011
KFC and one Subway. The locally owned Chefette is ok and located throughout the island. However in Barbados, Fast Food is NOT fast. I've given up standing in line at the KFC due to the poor service. I've heard the food isn't up to American standards and it is quite expensive. Most fast food is at least US$15 per person. Regular restaurants are US$50 per person!There are some good restaurants but they are rare (and expensive) - Jun 15, 2011
US fast food chains, except for KFC, haven't been allowed in Barbados, making the local chain - Chefette - ubiquitous. It is pretty atrocious. Local pizza is similarly locally branded and pretty bad quality. Restaurants choices are somewhat limited, as one would expect in a small place, but there are still some good options. Cost is roughly double the US price. - Dec 20, 2010
The only American fast food chain is KFC, which is very popular. There is also a TGIFriday's on the island. McDonald's tried and failed here. There is rumor that a Subway will be coming soon. The local fast food place is Chefette, which is just OK. - Feb 18, 2010
Very expensive restaurants with dreadful service. - Jan 22, 2009