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Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Giant snails. They are disgusting and must be dunked in bleach to kill them and their eggs - squishing them shoots eggs everywhere and makes more snails. Otherwise just the regular tropical weather things like ants and roaches. Monkeys can be a pest in some areas but not really near embassy housing. - Jul 11, 2016
Just what one would expect in a warm climate: ants, small lizards, and worm-type things. The island does have an African snail infestation (since they do not have natural predators) but nothing a little salt can' take care of. - Mar 3, 2013
rats, african snails, mosquitos and centipedes - Nov 22, 2011
Mosquitoes! There was a Dengue Fever outbreak in Barbados, so take precautions. - Jun 15, 2011
Mosquitos are a problem. Dengue fever has been an issue this year, with several from the Embassy infected. There are the usual tropical ant and cockroach populations, but it is easy enough to fend them off. - Dec 20, 2010
Usual problems with roaches, ants, centipedes, and spiders. Nothing worse than in the U.S. - Feb 18, 2010
Ants and more ants. - Jan 22, 2009