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What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Hot all year-round. Barbados runs between 80-84 degrees, and gets very muggy during the rainy season. It is never cooler than 78 degrees. - Jul 11, 2016
The climate is fantastic. Sure, it can get hot, but it's not intolerable; just follow the locals and grab an umbrella for some shade. - Mar 3, 2013
Hot and humida 365 days a year. Hurricane season from June - November - Nov 22, 2011
Tropical. There is usually a dry season in the winter (but not this year!)and hurricane season starts around May through November. Summers can be hot. Winter may have a low in the upper 70's at night. - Jun 15, 2011
Daily weather reports are pretty much the same year round: 80-90 degrees, sunny with a chance of showers, humidity. Easiest place in the world to be a weather forcaster. Tropical thunderstorms can be an issue in summer months, but Barbados is too far south and east to be in serious hurricane danger. - Dec 20, 2010
There is a wet season and a dry season. During the wet season, there is still plenty of sun. The weather is great all year round. - Feb 18, 2010
Tropical. - Jan 22, 2009