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Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Handicapped parking spaces are rare, if any. Many buildings are not accessible. - Mar 3, 2013
many!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Nov 22, 2011
A lot!Some of the larger supermarkets have handicapped parking, but it is very difficult to get around. Narrow, rough roads, no sidewalks. - Jun 15, 2011
There is an active disability rights organization that works well with local government, and disability rights are generally protected. However, infrastructure is not what it is in the U.S. and someone with physical disabilities may have issues with local sidewalks (or lack thereof), use of local transportation and even access to some buildings. - Dec 20, 2010
Not sure, but the island is not all that disability-friendly. - Feb 18, 2010
No sidewalks, streets are narrow and you have to battle the cars coming at you. - Jan 22, 2009