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What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

None. - Apr 11, 2017
The work is interesting and demanding. - Jun 17, 2016
Saving money (although not if you travel a lot), lots of inexpensive pearls and other goods - May 18, 2016
The Bangladeshi people are a delight. The city is a bummer. - Jun 20, 2015
The food is good, and quality of life is high. People are friendly. - Mar 2, 2015
Saving money I guess, but you can quickly spend it if you take many trips outside the country (use your R&R wisely). Domestic help is very affordable. Nice, close community (making friends is a must for morale). - Sep 29, 2014
You can save money here but you will also spend quite a bit while traveling around the region. You have to get out of Bangladesh every few months or else you'll go stir crazy with the traffic, pollution, dust, noise, stupidity, crime, weather, bugs, more noise, more stupidity, and more noise. Traveling to Thailand is fairly simple, with direct flights, but really expensive. - Aug 3, 2014
Saving money; cheap spa services; good Indian food; cheap household help (including live-in); cheap framing for art; bone china (1/10th to 1/4th the cost of the U.S.). - Jul 28, 2014
You can afford to have an awesome lifestyle here since the cost of living is low. Some people hire cooks, housekeepers (bearers), gardeners, drivers, and nannies. You can get things made here out of textiles (clothes, slipcovers, household textiles) and wood (furniture, frames) at a low cost. The weather is always warm. You can save money or you can travel around South and Southeast Asia. Expat clubs are a good social hub, and the Embassy community is supportive and tight-knit. - Aug 9, 2013
Saving money. Weather (it's always warm). The low cost of entertaining (sound systems, lights, DJ, food for 100 people runs about $150). Inexpensive china/porcelain. Custom tailoring, nice saris. The friendliness and sense of humor of most Bangladeshis (they recognize that this is a challenging place to live but make the best of it). - Apr 11, 2013
Dhaka is exotic for its color and people. Their is a wonderful family atmosphere, and household help is easy to find. You can save money... if you don't travel (but you will travel). - Aug 14, 2011
No real advantages to living in this third world. Things are not cheap, and living conditions are horrible. The household help is probably the only advantage I can see to living here, the help is very cheap. - Jun 25, 2011
Bangladeshis are very warm, welcoming, and friendly people - sometimes oppressively so. It's fairly easy to save money, and some items - fabric, pearls, furniture - are very cheap. - Feb 8, 2011
The clothing is very cheap and mango season is delightful. - Jan 29, 2011
It is a realtively convenient jumping off point for visiting other countries in the region such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, etc. - Jan 7, 2011
This is a good travel hub (albeit expensive) with direct flights to Bangkok, Dubai, Dehli, Kolkata, Kathmandu, Bhutan, Malaysia, and Singapore, amongst other places. There are lots of interesting things to buy, including pearls, china, and textiles. If you don't travel or buy too much, it is possible to save money. Finally, the culture and history of the country are very interesting. - Oct 25, 2010
It is a friendly culture and the food is great. You get to save lots of money, as food, restaurants and services are cheap. If you like warm weather, you will like Dhaka. - Apr 27, 2010