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What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

The American Club and American School have gym facilities that can be accessed through membership in the American Club. The facilities are not great. The fee is $300 per year. - Apr 11, 2017
The American Club has a small and basic gym. AISD has larger facilities, including a swimming pool. Both are free to Embassy employees and family members. - Jun 17, 2016
Yes. There is a gym at the American Club, and at the American International School there is a nice gym and pool which embassy employees and families can use for free. Some of the other expat clubs have yoga, zumba, Muay Thai, etc. - May 18, 2016
Limited and very expensive unless you can join the AEEA. - Jun 20, 2015
yes - at the clubs - Mar 2, 2015
Yes. Our residence building has a gym, the American Club, American School (AISD), and Annex. AISD will charge you more if you don't have students enrolled. - Sep 29, 2014
The American Club has a small gym that gets the job done. - Aug 3, 2014
Small gym at the Club; better gym at AIS/D if you have kids or are willing to pay US$200/year. - Jul 28, 2014
The American Club and American School both have gyms. The school (US$200/year for a membership if you don't have a kid there) has a lap pool and a bigger gym with ellipticals, treadmills, rowing machines, spin bikes, and lots of weight machines/free weights. The club (US$25/month membership fee) has a splishy-splashy pool and a smaller gym with weights and treadmills. - Aug 9, 2013
Yes. The American Club has a small gym for members, as does the American School. Neither is state of the art, but both are okay (treadmills, some weight machines and free weights). - Apr 11, 2013
Most work out at the American Club or AISD. - Aug 14, 2011
Both the American School and the American Club have workout facilities. - Jun 25, 2011
Local gyms are available, but most Embassy employees use either the American club gym or the really, really nice gym at the American school. - Feb 8, 2011
There is a gym at the American Club, and AISD has a new gym. I haven't seen any outside of these. - Jan 29, 2011
At embassies and clubs. - Jan 7, 2011
Yes, at the various clubs mentioned above. Tennis is very popular. - Oct 25, 2010
At the American Club there is a small one. The American School has aerobics classes. - Apr 27, 2010
Yes, and inexpensive--there is a decent gym at the American Club, as well as one at the American School that is open to the official American community. - Oct 30, 2009
Yes, at the ARA and the American School. - Aug 6, 2009
Yes. The American School has a nice gym that is very affordable. - Mar 13, 2009