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Can you save money?

Yes, but you need to travel out of the country (no in-country travel allowed) to stay sane. - May 18, 2016
Yes - Jun 20, 2015
Yes, unless you need to leave the country every 3 months and feel you need a fleet of staff to live comfortably. - Sep 29, 2014
A bit, yes. - Aug 3, 2014
Yes. A thousand times yes. There is almost nothing to spend it on. - Jul 28, 2014
Absolutely. It's a 30% hardship differential with a 15% SND. Cost of living is low. If you want to travel regionally, you'll not save as much, since cost of tickets out of Dhaka are high. - Aug 9, 2013
Yes, absolutely. - Apr 11, 2013
Yes, if you don't blow it on surrounding country travel. - Aug 14, 2011
Possible, but not as much as you would have thought coming to a third world country. - Jun 25, 2011
It mostly comes down to how well you can tolerate spending extended periods of time in Dhaka. The only thing to spend money on is leaving the country. - Feb 8, 2011
yes, if you don't buy imported fruit and have your cook buy local foods - Jan 29, 2011
No. You will need to spend what you would have saved to get out of the country every other month. - Jan 7, 2011
Yes, I would have been able to save substantially more if I had not traveled so much. Living in Dhaka is quite inexpensive. - Oct 25, 2010
Yes, particularly if you are not picky for American items only. - Apr 27, 2010
Yes, definitely. The biggest expense is regional travel. It would be very hard to live here without getting away every few months. - Oct 30, 2009
Yes, unless you travel out of Dhaka a lot. - Aug 6, 2009
Yes, but we haven't saved much. There are tons of places to travel to in the region and it is expensive to get out of Dhaka. There is also a big temptation to fill your huge house with stuff. - Mar 13, 2009
Possibly. - Nov 20, 2008
No, you will spend it all traveling. - Oct 27, 2008
Yes. If you don't go overboard on buying all the wonderful handicrafts available. - Mar 2, 2008
Absolutely. Traveling outside of country can be expensive but I've still managed to save a ton. - Feb 24, 2008