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English-language newspapers and TV available? Cost?

Lots of English dailies (i get them home delivered for work). A basic cable package includes CNN, BBC, and lots of English language channels from India (HBO, Star Movies). I pay US$5/month for my cable. - Aug 9, 2013
Yes, available for free online. - Apr 11, 2013
Daily Star in english. TV some english, more if satellite. - Aug 14, 2011
Both are available. TV consists of a mix of Bengal, Indian, American, and European channels. - Jun 25, 2011
If you bring an AFN decoder, that seems to give the best options (not available locally). There's a local English language daily, but it's not that good - people depend mostly on the internet and magazine subscriptions. Most people have cable, but there's just a handful of English-language stations. - Feb 8, 2011
There is English cable with 80 channels for about $15/month. - Jan 29, 2011
Cable, mostly pirated from India and in Hindi, but there is some English. - Jan 7, 2011
There's the Star, the leading English-language newspaper in Dhaka. And on cable there is Al Jazeera, CNN, BBC, and some local English-language news. The usual options. And they are all cheap. - Oct 25, 2010
Yes, there are several English newspapers (home delivery is inexpensive), plus one online news site ( cable package (only about $5/month) includes several English channels, none local. - Oct 30, 2009
International Herald Tribune. You can get CNN International, BBC, and Al Jazeera-English from cable. Some people have AFN. I'm not sure how they got it. - Aug 6, 2009
Yes. Newspapers and cable are cheap and available in English. - Mar 13, 2009
Cable TV is available but many people also have AFN (only three channels though). - Oct 27, 2008
Yes and quite inexpensive. - Mar 2, 2008
There are several daily English language newspapers though I don't know the cost. You can get the Economist here but I've heard reports of government censorship of some articles. Television is only US$8 per month and you get a decent number of English-language channels, some of which show the latest season of popular U.S. shows. - Feb 24, 2008