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What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

If you live close to town, which we don't, you can have almost anything delivered to you, from pizza to sushi. We can have our cafe deliver food to us and a couple pizza places deliver out here. There are a lot of decent restaurants, but I don't really enjoy the local cuisine. - Mar 5, 2017
McDonald's, the worlds largest KFC, and a lot of kebab! - Jul 4, 2015
There are an increasing number of fast food restaurants. Cinnabon, Papa Johns, Schlotzky's, McDonalds, and a few others. The prices are some more than in the US. There are lots of Georgian restaurants, some decent Asian ones, a good Italian, and Azeri restaurants. The cost (without alcohol) is slightly less than the cost at a mid-range US restaurant. - Jan 29, 2013
Only two McDonald's I'm aware of. KFC. They are in the process of bringing few other fast food places downtown during the Eurovision. Don't recommend any! Don't know the prices off hand. - Dec 22, 2011
McDonald's, Fake KFC, Baskin Robbins are here and are expensive. There is a food court at the mall with a number of Russian and Turkish fast food chains. There are good restaurants here, too, but they tend to be expensive. There are two decent Chinese restaurants and an Italian restaurant which are reasonable and not far from the chancery. - Sep 9, 2010
McDonald's and Mary Brown (a KFC wannabe). Cost is higher, and the "fast" concept is not followed. - Aug 21, 2010
McDonald's, and we actually just discovered Mary Brown's (similar to KFC). There are also good oriental and Thai restaurants here. - Oct 1, 2009
McDonald's is the only fast food and it's ok quality. there are a couple of decent English/European restaurants. Forget about eating red meat here. It is GROSS. The only main source of meat is chicken or sheep. - Nov 5, 2008
There are many good restaurants in Baku. McDonald's is the only Western type fast food. You will find plenty of good food - Georgian, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Russian, Lebanese, Pizza, even Mexican. - Sep 29, 2008
McDonald's and some Turkish fast food restaurants are here. Indian, Thai (although the two that used to be there closed down right before I left, Mexican, Italian, Lebanese, Turkish and kebab. - Sep 9, 2008