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What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

There are towns in the outer regions that are interesting. Sheki was a fun trip. My husband has taken my oldest to the ski resort a couple times. Tbilisi is about 5 hours drive or a cheap flight away. Dubai is a cheap flight to get some sun in the winter months. - Mar 5, 2017
Museums, traveling to other areas of the country, camping. - Jul 4, 2015
There are various small villages and towns to go to in the mountains (in the summer). We've enjoyed swimming at the beach. There are various small natural sights - burning hillsides, mud volcanoes, petroglyphs - and small cultural sights. A ski resort opened this winter. The bulvar is pleasant to stroll along in the spring and fall, and the old city is quaint. - Jan 29, 2013
Not much. Unless you're into seeing a ton of museums. - Dec 22, 2011
Mud volcanoes, Old City carpet shopping, entertaining in homes, going to restaurants. There is a new mall that opened with a play area for children and Baskin Robbins (!). Overall, you need to be willing to make your own fun. - Sep 9, 2010
Very little. Visit one or two museums, the walled city, the fire temple. - Aug 21, 2010
Lots especially if you get out of the city. Mud volcanos, fire temple, old city, candy cane mountains and lots of places to go camping and hiking. - Oct 1, 2009
There are some interesting places to see but mostly you keep occupied with playgroups and embassy functions. Not a lot to do in and around the city. - Nov 5, 2008
There are a few museums in Baku. Since the expat community is so large here you can almost always find someone with a common interst. - Sep 29, 2008
Camping in the Caucaus mountains and other nature adventures outside Baku. Visiting some small towns like Sheki or Lenkoran. Get to know the locals and visit family homes in the villages. Go to weddings, funerals and other cultural events. In Baku, going to dinner or for drinks with friends. - Sep 9, 2008