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Pollution index (Good, Moderate, Unhealthy, or Very Unhealthy)?

Very unhealthy. We've known a few families that have had to curtail due to breathing issues. - Oct 1, 2009
Very dusty and dirty. Everyone here smokes. When it rains the air is "clean" and clear for about a day or two and then the smog returns. - Nov 5, 2008
Unhealthy to very unhealthy - people with allergies should be prepared to take medicine almost daily to aid with congestion. The wind blows and dirt and debris are tossed about. Sunglasses are almost mandatory to keep debris out of eyes on windy days. - Sep 29, 2008
Very unhealthy. Air is generally dusty and gritty with trash and oil refinery chemicals in the air. Water quality is pretty bad too -- and you can see the off-color if you're filling up the tub. - Sep 9, 2008