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Quality pet care available (vets & kennels)?

Some people have dogs and cats, but I don't know what they do for care. - Jan 29, 2013
The Customs Clinic Vet is the best Vet in comparison to our US standards. No others in town compare. It's about 40+ min's away from Baku. Kennels: the Custom's Clinic does board on rare circumstances. Vika whom is a Vetinarian and also dog sits for most expat families. This country is not a dog-friendly one. However, they love cats. There is high number of stray cats and dogs here. Be sure animals and people have rabies vaccinations! - Dec 22, 2011
Not that I am aware of. - Sep 9, 2010
No. - Aug 21, 2010
We were satisfied with the vet service here. - Oct 1, 2009
There are many good local vets. - Nov 5, 2008
I haven't used a vet yet, but there are several to choose from and one clinic that advertises western standards. There is a dog groomer that I've used many times and she is wonderful. Dogs are not well accepted by the local people in part due to their Muslim culture and in part due to fear I think. There is a large stray animal population and I think many people think dogs will hurt them. There are dog parks and very little grass so walking a dog and potty breaks are very difficult. Small dogs I think are more accepted than larger dogs. - Sep 29, 2008