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Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Yes, there are at least three options; installation times are short at worst. - Nov 13, 2017
You can choose from A1 or Drei service. Each have locations around the city with English-speaking staff. One way is to buy their little box then pay for a top-up service each month. Can be less than 20 Euros/month. I'm happy. Rarely goes out. Can do your thing. Watch YouTube. - Jun 7, 2016
We pay about 52 euros for decent service (no problem streaming through a VPN). - Mar 24, 2015
Let's see, should we call it "high-speed?" It's available, and the embassy makes sure you get it, which is great, but it's not very high-speed, I'm afraid. Maybe it has something to do with all those thick old plaster walls? I don't know. - Jul 18, 2014
Yes! The Embassy sets up Internet in housing prior to arrival which is fantastic - some people have reported problems with speed but we've never had any issues. The Embassy uses A1 to set up cable and internet (you can choose a package) and I think the costs are under 100 Euros per month. - Aug 23, 2013
If by "high-speed" you mean, "better than dial-up" then yes. But internet service is surprisingly slow and unreliable for an otherwise modern country. That said, I successfully work at home, mostly online with minimal disruptions. - May 12, 2013
Yes, I think our bill is about 30 Euros a month for a landline telephone and wireless internet. - Jan 16, 2013
Yes. It was *super* fast, but it was fine for us.about 50 euros/month. - Aug 6, 2011
Yes, there are 2 main companies. One is contracted with embassy but is slow. The other is difficult to communicate with but provides fast internet speeds. 74 euro a month for digital cable. - Aug 5, 2011
Yes. It is pricey. - Aug 15, 2009
Yes, about $50/month. - Aug 5, 2009
Internet is fast and reliable. Of course its expensive as most things in Central Europe are. - Jul 23, 2009
Good but expensive. - May 21, 2008
Yes, I guess the same as the States. - Apr 4, 2008
ADSL and cable available. Cost up to 50 Euro/month. - Jan 11, 2008