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What kind of car do you recommend bringing to post, given the terrain, availability of parts, burglary/carjacking risks, etc.? What kind of car do you advise not to bring?

I would advise against bringing an older car that might not pass strict European inspection standards. - Nov 13, 2017
You'll get rust from the salt, rain, and snow (even though they try to use gravel instead of salt). If your car is older than 10 years, then you can not insure it. You can only pay for 3rd party insurance. Vienna is expensive for just about everything...including used cars. Front wheel drive is better for snow. Smaller is better for parking. They're not really into SUVs. They prefer estate (station) wagons. Any BMW, Mercedes, Peugeot, Citroeon, and Renault. Some European-made Toyota and Nissans. (If you bring uncommon models then repairs and importing parts may be an issue.) - Jun 7, 2016
Many people don't even bother bringing one. We have a small car which is perfect for weekend trips but easy enough to park in the city. - Mar 24, 2015
Well, obviously it's easier getting German/European parts. Most people drive late-model vehicles. This is not a poor country. If you like going up in the mountains, you'll need 4WD. Carjackings don't seem to happen. - Jul 18, 2014
If you must have a car: go small. - Mar 19, 2014
Something small! Parking spaces and garages are tight so leave your SUV and minivan behind. German car brands are most popular here (not surprisingly) but there are dealers and shops for pretty much all types of cars. - Aug 23, 2013
I would not bring a huge vehicle because streets, parking spaces and garages are small. I have a small SUV that barely fits in our garage. Otherwise, bring whatever you like. - May 12, 2013
You can pretty much bring anything, although you may have to order parts for American cars from the States. Audis are everywhere. - Jan 16, 2013
As with many places overseas, smaller is better. Vienna has many dealers, and service/parts shouldn't be a problem (although it's expensive - an oil change cost is $150). We never used our car in the city (public transportation is excellent), but we used to to travel in the region a lot. Gas is expensive. - Aug 6, 2011
Any type. Smaller is better. - Aug 5, 2011
Bring a well-maintained vehicle. Parts and repairs are expensive. - Aug 15, 2009
Not a large SUV. Anything else should be fine. - Aug 5, 2009
WHY? Their system of buses, trams, and metro (subway) trains is among the best in the world. I doubt they even know what carjacking is But they do have traffic, if you need that particular bit of home. - Jul 23, 2009
Some people manage quite well with no car. If you live in the 1st District I can't imagine you'd use it much. If you do bring something, make sure it's not too big -- you do see some smaller SUV's here but about the biggest is the BMW X5. - Apr 4, 2008
Most American-made vehicles don't meet the Austrian requirements; some people have to modify them for that purpose. It is definitely not recommended to bring big vehicles (trucks, SUVs). - Jan 11, 2008