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What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

For 20 Euros/month FitInn is a basic gym with some locations spread around. Next up, for 60 Euros/month there is Club Danube with a few large gyms. Then John Holmes 90-120 Euros/month with a 99 Euro joining fee. This is one of the two local elite clubs. - Jun 7, 2016
The Embassy has a small, sort of sad gym. There are private ones at varying prices and quality (30-100+ euros per month). - Mar 24, 2015
The missions have some small workout rooms -- they're squished and a little dingy, but they get the job done if all you want is to run on a treadmill/lift a few weights. There are plenty of gyms competing with each other around the city, too, for not-bad prices, comparable to U.S. gym prices. - Jul 18, 2014
There are quite a few in the city, at a wide range of cost. Shop around. I understand there is a small gym in the basement of the Embassy, too. - Mar 19, 2014
Available of varying quality and expenses - the CLO just negotiated a good rate with a nice gym but overwhelmingly the gyms are expensive (around 100 Euros per month plus a ridiculous high initiation fee) or run-down. I ended up exercising outdoors in the many parks here (you will see many joggers and Nordic walkers!). - Aug 23, 2013
Yes. We belong to a very nice gym. Very clean, tons of equipment. The only problem is that it is not air conditioned--it doesn't even have fans. So, it can get pretty miserable in the summer. (Yes, this is insane.) - May 12, 2013
Yes - they're not on every street corner but they do exist and seem to be comparable to the U.S. Beware of the co-ed spas if you're at all modest. - Jan 16, 2013
Yes, but they're expensive. I preferred to walk in the city or hike in local parks for exercise. - Aug 6, 2011
There is a good gym at the VIC. It caters to expats. - Aug 5, 2011
Yes --- but they are expensive. There are excellent hiking and biking trails in the Vienna woods --- a mere 20-30 min from downtown - Aug 15, 2009
The embassy has a gym. Austrian gyms are available but tend to be expensive and their opening hours may not be accomodating of a US-type work schedule. - Aug 5, 2009
Yes, but they are expensive. If you work for the US Embassy, they have a small workout room in one of the apartment complexes. - Jul 23, 2009