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Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Medical care is of high quality in general. Those with private insurance have the luxury of scheduling appointments and not having to endure possibly long wait times. - Nov 13, 2017
As mentioned above in the air quality question, my biggest health concern is the second hand smoke. Seriously, it is SO bad here. My pregnant friends don't like to walk around busy streets because of it and I'm so tired of taking my kids to the playground only to find a group of parents smoking next to the swings. We've used both public and private health care providers/hospitals and overall have been very happy with the care received. - Mar 24, 2015
Good quality medical care through excellent doctors and hospital. - Jul 18, 2014
Medical care is excellent here. The Embassy has a great MED unit and many doctors here speak excellent English. - Aug 23, 2013
Health care is very good, but not all doctors, nurses, technicians, etc. speak English. - May 12, 2013
Water and air are fine and there is a constant army of men cleaning the streets each day. I've heard of some pretty fine treatment in hospitals as well - cappuccinos and massages in your hospital bed. - Jan 16, 2013
Excellent. People are medevac'd to Vienna. I had several friends who had babies there, and they had very good experiences. - Aug 6, 2011
Tick-borne encephalitis. If you hike, camp or like to be outside, do your homework and read up on the vaccinations, which, btw, are not FDA approved, if that concerns you. Allergies are bad here. - Aug 5, 2011
Excellent medical care is available. Excellent dental care is available 1 hour away in Hungary (e.g. dental tourism). - Aug 15, 2009
High quality medical care. - Aug 5, 2009
Top-notch medical care here, but not the same medical infrastructure we have in the US. private doctors' offices would be much the same, but hosptials can be just a bit more spartan in design. However, I would say the care is as good as anywhere. - Jul 23, 2009
None. - May 21, 2008
Very good medical care. The Embassy Health Unit is really great too. - Apr 4, 2008
No health concerns. High quality medical care. - Jan 11, 2008