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Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

High-speed internet is available. Downtown it was a quick installation. Some homes needed trenching to get service which took a month or more. The embassy employee association can help you rent a USB wireless NIC to get internet while you wait on install. - Mar 27, 2017
It is accessible, but not in all areas. - Oct 15, 2014
Internet is improving. Can't remember how much, but it's not that expensive. - Sep 19, 2011
Yes, but internet is still a bit spotty in Armenia. It is likely to continue improving, however. We pay $35 per month. There is probably better service out there (for a higher fee). - Oct 14, 2009
Higher speed internet is available through the state monopoly. Embassy residences could sign up for high speed internet through the Employee Association/Commissary for US$35 per month. - Jul 26, 2008
Yes, cost is based on usage but a DSL line can cost US$100/month (for a reasonable speed). Corruption and a lack of corporate competition have left Armenia woefully behind the rest of the world with respect to all Internet-type services. This may change in the next couple of years - but it is still surprisingly poor. - Jan 9, 2008