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What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Various gyms outside the embassy are available. Costs are comparable with the USA and facilities available vary. The higher end places (~1000 USD/year) offer spa services with membership, such as sauna, steam room, etc. - Mar 27, 2017
Gyms are available - the two most popular ones are Gold's gym and Orange. Don't know the costs. The Embassy has a gym as well. There are a few yoga studios, and more are opening. Cost of a private yoga class at home with a top notch instructor is 8,000 AMD (US$20). A 1 hour massage at home is about US$37. - Oct 15, 2014
Yes, there's a small gym at the Embassy, Gold's gym (expensive!) in town, and some other private gyms. - Sep 19, 2011
Yes. There are several excellent gyms, including a Golds Gym with a 50-meter pool. - Oct 14, 2009