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Sense of humor, open mind and willingness to be spontaneous! - Oct 15, 2014
Personal Vehicle. You'll need it around here, because you won't want to rely on public transportation and you'll want to get out of Yerevan frequently to see the sights. Bring your sunglasses and sunblock for the summer. Yerevan is 3,000+ feet up and very sunny. You'll grow tired of seeing the sun shine almost every day here. - Sep 19, 2011
Sunscreen, anything that is entertaining, particularly for your children, patience, your crash helmet should you take to the roads, sports equipment, your DVD/VHS collection and AFN decoder, snow tires and other car parts, your sense of humor in the face of corruption, arrogance, and Byzantine bureaucracy, your English/Armenian dictionary so you can read business and street signs. Sturdy winter gear. Your canning supplies. - Jul 26, 2008
Sporting equipment. - Jan 9, 2008