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Do you drive on the right hand side of the road or the left?

Technically, on the right as in the U.S. Factually, wherever there is a free inch. Most folks like to go left into the oncoming left lane waiting at a red light around a line of cars to try and time the light and scoot to the front of the line at speed when the light turns. Fender benders are common. Also know that neither cars nor pedestrians follow the rules. Pedestrians, usually dressed in black even on the darkest night, will jaywalk across busy, fast-moving traffic. Folks exiting public transportation on the far right often will exit, go around the front side of the vehicle they just left (blindside to traffic following them), and try to dash across the street before the vehicle they exited has filled up and moves on. If you are not an experienced driver with nerve, do not drive--taxis are plentiful and cheap. For those that do, make sure your insurance, including local insurance, is up to date; corruption is prevalent in law enforcement. - Jul 26, 2008
Right, like in the U.S. - Jan 9, 2008