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Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

The city is not built with the disabled in mind, so there are no wheelchair ramps, elevators can be small even for two standing adults, etc. There are medical hospitals, but I cannot attest to how they are at helping the disabled. - Mar 27, 2017
Probably. - Oct 15, 2014
A lot. This is not a physical disability-friendly country. Drivers are aggressive and there is not a lot of sidewalk space for walking. Have never seen anyone on the street with a physical disability. - Sep 19, 2011
A lot. Streets are generally not wheelchair friendly. Many buildings don't have ramps. - Oct 14, 2009
Immense. The infrastructure in central city Yerevan is terrible--the provinces are only worse. Ramps, designated parking spaces and the like are basically non-existent. Sidewalks are generally torn up and there are very few crosswalks--and those that exist aren't respected by drivers. - Jul 26, 2008
This city is not equipped to handle people with physical disabilities in any way. - Jan 9, 2008