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What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

There are lots of gyms, ranging in quality and type. Some deluxe gyms at the international hotels. Some local gyms. A few CrossFit boxes have recently popped up which are affordable at the unofficial exchange rate. You will need to be discerning about workout classes and find the good teachers. There's a variety including workout classes on the the marginal. Martial arts, kizomba, zumba, CrossFit type classes, pilates. Not good yoga. - Mar 23, 2017
The embassy has a gym. There are some other gyms in the area. Some of the apartment buildings have gyms for tenants. Cost varies. - Apr 23, 2016
The Embassy has a pretty nice gym that is free. Some apartments have gyms but other than that, I have never heard of anyone going to a local gym. - Mar 28, 2015
Embassy has a small gym. There are private gyms but unsure of costs. - Aug 31, 2014
Our embassy chancery has a small gym on site for staff. We also have a small lawn used for occasional (smaller than normal) soccer games or volleyball. We have a pool on the chancery compound too. These few amenities are a lifeline for our embassy staff, as there are virtually no green spaces or parks available in town and few recreation facilities. Many families spend hours every weekend at the chancery enjoying the pool and lawn, playing on our small playground, sometimes grilling out with friends or family. I'm not aware of commercial gyms in town you can join. There is a tennis club and you can pay by the hour to play there. There are beaches in town and down the coast which many of us enjoy in the warmer months. - Jul 11, 2013
500 USD a month at least. - Apr 24, 2013
yes - Aug 4, 2011
Not at affordable prices (they are generally between $500 and $1,000/month). - Aug 3, 2011
I have seen them, price is limiting. - Apr 15, 2009