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Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

Get Unitel. Home country plans don't work well here from the USA. I don't know about Europe. - Mar 23, 2017
This is surprisingly affordable. Don't subscribe. Most people use a pay as you go system. - Apr 23, 2016
Bring something unlocked. Lots of folks bring unlocked iPhones and then use pay as you go. Skype to talk with folks back in the States. You can also buy a cheap phone and use it for prepaid calling. - Aug 31, 2014
There are two good companies, with pre or post paid options. Prepaid cards are sold on the street and easy to get to add credit to your phone. You can get internet service on your phone (Iphone or other model) and there are BlackBerry plans available here too. Some people use Ipads around town and have 3G service for them. The cell phone providers also sell thumb-drive dongles that you can attach to your laptop via a USB port and get internet over the cell network. It's slower than in-home internet, but great if you are traveling, out at a cafe, etc. and need to do work. - Jul 11, 2013
You can't rely on them but you will anyway. Texting sometimes works when calls don't. - Apr 24, 2013
unitel or movicel - Aug 4, 2011
Don't bother to bring one from the States. Cell phones run on a completely different system there. Buy something cheap in Angola and don't use it often -- it's expensive! - Aug 3, 2011
Bring a cell. - Apr 15, 2009