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Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

It's a pretty intolerant culture. Being a diplomat and gay beats being Algerian and gay, though. - Sep 19, 2016
No but yes. For a muslim Arab country it's not bad. There is a community but it is extremely, extremely discreet. Homosexuality is illegal but not widely prosecuted. - Jun 9, 2016
Homosexuality isn't discussed, so while you can't really be open, you're not persecuted either. It's a "mind your own business" kind of place. - Mar 15, 2014
No. - Oct 25, 2013
Well -- homosexuality is not something widely spoken or or celebrated, but it certainly exists. I would imagine that gay men would have an easier time than gay women. - Dec 18, 2011
Probably not. - Sep 23, 2008
Absolutely not. - May 9, 2008