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Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Not if I had any better choices. - Sep 19, 2016
Yes . . . but I would never bid on it by free choice. Given post morale past two years and loss of danger pay I would not recommend anyone to bid Algiers. However, different leadership may lead to different results. - Jun 9, 2016
Definitely not. If you want the "North African experience" you've heard about, go to Morocco. - Mar 15, 2014
NO. - Oct 25, 2013
Perhaps, but it would not be tops on my list. - Dec 18, 2011
Definitely! I loved it there. Very romantic place indeed. - Sep 23, 2008
Yes. - May 9, 2008
No. - Mar 4, 2008
I loved the first year here, but with the threat increasing, and with the attitude of the current internal leadership as it is now, I would not bring my family here again. If the Embassy did even the minimum of what they should be doing to accommodate families, I might recommend it for those with very young children who don't need daily social outlets. - Mar 3, 2008
No, I brought my kid with promises of improving security and a school in the works for 2007. Neither of those materialized. - Feb 25, 2008