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Morale among expats:

Fairly good, given the closeness of the community. - Dec 18, 2011
Was there too short a time to meet any of the expats. Most of them were in the high end hotels and we were out there with the locals! - Sep 23, 2008
Either you leave the country or you enjoy it. - May 9, 2008
Low. - Mar 4, 2008
Wow. Where do I start. A recent visitor from HQ here did a survey said the morale was the lowest he'd ever seen. As it stands, policies have taken precedence over people. Part of the problem was an OIG survey that mandated certain changes, but the survey was done well before the suicide attacks of 2007 by people who don't live here. It's almost surreal some of the policies that they are trying to implement. They have been not only harmful, but illogical at a time when security is paramount. Sadly, many are growing very bitter and cynical towards the internal leadership here and the stress level is high. - Mar 3, 2008
I don't know - we don't do a lot of socializing with expats (there are very few of them in Algiers and the security situation is limiting) - Feb 25, 2008