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Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Affordable, yes. Safe: the metro is (it just goes in a line along downtown tourist points of interest.) the rest look dodgy (off limits to us) and in taxis, it's not 'full/occupied' unless it's actually got no more room, so a person taking it could suddenly get company. - Sep 19, 2016
Don't take the bus. There are a handful of RSO approved taxis, but all taxis are ride-share things. There is a metro but is away from the Embassy area and only goes a short distance. - Jun 9, 2016
We're not allowed to take buses and only a few pre-approved taxis. We can use the metro, but it's only one line, you can't access it from where we live, and most of the places it goes are uninteresting. It only has a few stops in the downtown area, and those are so close together you don't really need to use it. - Mar 15, 2014
The embassy has 5 approved taxis, buses are not authorized. - Oct 25, 2013
I have no experience here. - Dec 18, 2011
Not sure if they are safe, but they would be affordable. We had our own drivers at all times for security reasons. - Sep 23, 2008
Taxis are affordable. - May 9, 2008
We are not permitted to use public transport. - Mar 4, 2008
We aren't allowed to use them. - Mar 3, 2008
DOS personnel are not permitted to use these. - Feb 25, 2008