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But don't forget your:

Winter jacket, bathing suit, and workout clothes. Favorite toiletries are also a good idea. If you know where you want to go on R&R, bring the guidebooks in your HHE since DPO is so slow here. - Jun 18, 2014
Nice pillows and a light down comforter. Good sunglasses. - Jul 12, 2013
Body armor and tolerance for monotony and boredom. - Mar 30, 2013
Camera, sense of humor, warm clothes for the winter, and a lot of patience. - Dec 27, 2010
Sports equipement, consumables, and good attitude - even if you live on a compound, this is still a foreign country that's worth getting to know. - Aug 2, 2010
iPod or other music device, computer, running shoes (to burn off all the bad food), Kindle or other e-reader, board games, moisturizer and lip balm, STURDY SHOES! - Jul 10, 2010
travel guides. RRBs are a great time to visit the UAE, Thailand, India and other nearby destinations. - Sep 7, 2009
Understanding and a flexible attitude and lots of smiles! Being nice is not a crime! - Mar 19, 2008